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The Book Elements Checklist

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fleck is a book design studio where purpose meets beauty.

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Rebecca Frank Co.

Jaz is simply the best; there’s no other way to put it. I am so incredibly grateful for our time together during this process. She was so patient, attentive, and kind as I navigated a completely foreign territory. She guided me, gently pushed me along, and gave me grace when I needed it. I could not recommend someone more. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and her patience, attention to detail, and ability to connect on a human level are unparalleled. I want to create a new project just to work with her again! Thank you, Jaz. You have changed my life and made a lasting impact.

Kory Kirby

Jaz holds a depth of specific knowledge around books and all things publishing. However, a lot of people do! What makes Jaz so special, so different from the others, are her communication skills, promptness, and her unique ability to apply her expertise. She filters this expertise through her creative lens and love for book design, to create unique, original, and magical designs that capture the essence of my authors.

Jenn Correia

Working with Jaz is “easy like Sunday morning”. She isn’t a mind reader, she’s better than that. She understood my vision, and created something better than I imagined. She is brilliant at what she does, and brings a sense of calm to what I anticipated would be an overwhelming and confusing process. She made my passion project come to life with ease. I’m so grateful for her and everything she did to help my dreams come true.

Emily Lonie

I would recommend fleck creative in a heartbeat! I couldn’t be happier with the design of my book and the experience I had throughout the process. Fleck’s online onboarding site was comprehensive and ensured that Jazmin was completely prepared for our first meeting. Jazmin immediately understood my goals for the book and her design was spot on in terms of the genre and target audience. The process was smooth and efficient and Jazmin was super responsive to feedback. Over and above her incredible type design, Jazmin provided a wealth of helpful resources and professional advice along the way.

Lori Bamber

Working on interior book designs and covers with Jazmin Welch at fleck creative studio revealed one of my personal prejudices: I’ve worked with many graphic designers over 20 years as an author and writer in print media, and my experience has been that you can hire someone who is artistically brilliant or someone who is detail-oriented, but you almost never find both skill sets in the same person.

Jaz is the exception — her fresh designs and moving illustrations are complemented by a laser focus on the text and the way it needs to be treated to best serve the reader. As someone with a passion for the visual arts and literature, she brings a reverence to an author’s work that translates into compelling, beautiful and extremely professional layouts. 

She is also a delight to work with: quick, warm, solution-oriented and a great communicator.

Carra Simpson

Jazmin is a design dynamo! The best. I worked with her as the design lead for a complex, full-colour medical book that involved a very high level of detail with multiple font treatments, illustrations, tables, and a (demanding) project manager asking that the page count be kept as low as possible, while also asking for a spacious design. Jazmin delivered. Although we never met in person–working from different cities–Jazmin was always “right there,” to take care of the next steps–with grace, positivity, and absolutely brilliant queries (about design and about content) that wowed all on our team! With over 15 years in the industry, it’s easy for me to say Jazmin is an all-star, five stars, an incredible talent and a professional team player. Thank you, Jazmin. I can’t wait for our next project!

Misty Paterson

Jaz is a lifesaver!  If you want someone who can make your dream book come true, she is your girl. Jaz helped me create a highly professional, intelligent, gorgeous, and super user friendly book. One of her many talents is being an amazing listener and communicator. As such, I feel comfortable being vulnerable with her. Jaz offers direct advice and solutions while being friendly and compassionate at the same time. She gets me AND can solve problems with creative solutions efficiently.  It’s a winning combination! She really goes above and beyond! Jaz has become a trusted team member who I feel I can rely on. I highly recommend her!

Alexandra Schneider

Trusting your book in someone else’s hands is a big deal, especially when the cover & interior design of a book is such an important part of your readers’ first impressions.  I worked with Jazmin Welch of fleck creative in early 2021, and I can confidently say your book is in amazing hands with her. Jazmin is professional, organized, and so lovely to work with. She went above and beyond throughout the entire design process – answering my many questions, providing multiple options with her professional recommendations, and listening to my thoughts and feedback at each stage. Now that my book is finished, I’m blown away by the finished product. It’s absolutely stunning and I’m so proud to share it with the world.


Jazmin is a joy to work with! She knows the right questions to ask so that she can bring your vision to life. Every single book is treated as its own entity because she immerses herself in the manuscript before she tackles the design, which I feel is a testament to why no design cover from her will ever be similar to another. Jazmin is a creative, book wizard!

Pamela Chimenti

It has been one of the most seamless processes working with Jazmin from Fleck Creative Studio. Jazmin brings ideas to life and masterfully brings together your vision with her attention to detail and creative eye. Highly recommend Fleck Creative Studio!!!!

Lily Collison

Jazmin is an amazing designer–working with her was such a pleasure. Jazmin understood the importance of the book’s content and nothing was ever a problem for her–her “can do” attitude was just great. I absolutely LOVE the cover she designed–it so elegantly conveys the concept of the book. Her clever interior design succeeded in making the complex content very accessible. Jazmin was a great team player, working really well with the project manager, copyeditor, illustrator, and author. We were working on a tight timeline–Jazmin always delivered on time, if not early. If you want a dream designer, you honestly don’t have to look any further.

Rachael Bell-Irving

I have so much gratitude for Jazmin in not only making the beautiful cover of my book but also making the process so smooth and really listening to my ideas. She helped me feel more confident in myself as an author.

Rachel Luce

Jazmin from fleck creative is amazing. She really wants to get to know the meaning and journey behind the words to be able to create the perfect design and format for the book. She was so easy to explain things to, especially being a new author, I had no idea what I was doing! She explained and talked me through so much of the process which made it easier for us to be on the same page. She is very professional and sticks to the deadlines which put my mind at ease to not stress, knowing she had everything under control. 100% would recommend any author looking for a great graphic designer to go to Jazmin.

Bill Morrison

I look at the cover, the layout, the language flow, the sentence structure, the use of all caps at the beginning of a chapter, the word positioning on the pages, how one chapter flows into the next…my god it is something. I’m so excited to see how this does out in the world, but even if it only sells one copy to one non-relative I will burst at the seems with pride. Thank you Jaz for a cover which screams, ‘Hey pick this up and read it…disregard all the other tripe on the shelf…you NEED to pick up this one!” (and let’s face it…you can tell a book by its cover…so this book must be awesome).

fleck creative studio was founded by Jazmin Welch.

Call her Jaz. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Design degree and Master of Publishing. She brings her attention to detail and friendly warm energy to every project she kicks off! Check out what makes the design process at fleck unique.

A headshot of fleck founder Jazmin Welch wearing a yellow jacket over a white sweater, standing in front of the ocean.