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Highlights from Tech Forum & ebookcraft 2019

This blog post was written for Simon Fraser University’s publishing department (original post here). SFU sent me to Toronto to soak up as much as I could from the Tech Forum & ebookcraft conference in March of 2019 and here’s what I found!

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The limitations of HCD on radical eReader innovation

There are many issues with putting a user at the centre of the design process. Users may reject an idea as something they would never use, but upon seeing the completed product in person, they may realize that they have a need for it.

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Case Study: The Hybrid Publisher and Greenleaf Book Group

To start this discussion, a brief overview of the hybrid publishing model is required. The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) clearly articulates that hybrid publishers should act in all ways like a traditional publisher except in their revenue stream, which comes from both book sales and the execution of publishing services.

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