About fleck

We help small businesses & authors like you reach their audience.

We do this by designing books that create deep connections between your story and your community. Books carry more than words; they house emotions, knowledge, dreams and desires.

Photo of fleck founder Jazmin Welch laughing while holding a pink mug, wearing a white linen top
section opening page design for Look Again
Strong connections are forged by how your book makes your readers feel.

Imagine your book in the hands of a reader on a beautiful Sunday morning; they’re totally immersed in your story, lost in another world; or consumed by excitement when your book teaches them something new. It’s our passion to make this moment happen for you, your book, and your readers.

Fleck is a book design studio where purpose meets beauty. Let us design your book so that we can create an engaging reading experience for your community together. 

We match a purposeful design approach with beauty and flair to ensure your final book is both meaningful and eye catching.
fleck brand mark, a circle with red uneven horizontal lines within it
fleck brand mark, a circle with red uneven horizontal lines within it
Hi! I’m Jaz!

Fleck is owned by creative director Jazmin Welch (call her Jaz). She has a love for the details and revels in the problem solving challenge that each new book poses. Her goal is always to create a compelling and page-turning design that stands out on the bookshelf, suits the target audience and respects each author’s own unique desires. She loves creating artful and meaningful solutions while fostering strong connections with authors. Jaz is a book lover who is here to advocate for your story and impress your readers! She holds an Honours Bachelor of Design (Ryerson University) and Master of Publishing (Simon Fraser University). Jaz is a dog mom with a love of fresh ocean air.

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Photo of fleck founder Jazmin Welch in a yellow overcoat with sunshine coming behind her blond hair.