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In the Belly of the Sphinx cover design featuring an illustration by Jazmin Welch of a snake slithering around glass bottles each with bright yellow eyes in the bottle caps..
book cover for the book of short stories Perfect Little Angels by Vincent Anioke. It features an illustration of a Black man close up with headphones in and his eyes cast downward. There is a lit up cross behind him. The illustration is graphite on toned paper by Julian Adon Alexander.
The book cover design of the novel My Volcano by John Elizabeth Stintzi. It is hand painted with abstracted motifs in various orientations of volcanos, flowers, clouds and eyes.
The cover of swollening by Jason Purcell featuring a cream background with the front teeth of someone's mouth shown from the inside of the mouth. You can see just the inside of the teeth which are in bright pink and orange tones. The gums are purple and green. The image is created in a very simple graphic color blocked style by Jazmin Welch.
book cover for fiction book, An Evening with Birdy O'Day by Greg Kearney featuring an illustration of an older person reading a magazine. The books title is the front cover of the magazine.
The book cover of Queer Little Nightmares anthology of fiction and poetry edited by Daniel Ly and David Zomparelli. It features a green scaled selkie hand with pink webbing and long pink nails.
Book cover design of Sharp Notions featuring a close up of embroidery art of lungs
Cover design of Transland
Cover design of East Side Story featuring a black and white photo of the rollercoaster at the PNE in Vancouver
Cover design of memoir, When My Ghost Sings
Book cover of In the Key of Dale by Benjamin Lefebvre. The cover has 3 red piano keys and 2 purple sharp/flat keys illustrated in a graphic style.
Book cover of Float Like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea by Alex Wood. The cover is bright pink with a drawing of a beer glass with a toy man figuring lying face down in the foam.
Book cover of The Lost Century by Larissa Lai. It features a digital painting of teeming fish streaming in a spiral with bubbles.
Book cover of Crip Kinship by Shayda Kafai. The cover features a collage style illustration of a black person using a cane in front of a house scene with flowers and butterflies emerging in various colours.
Book cover of Butter Honey Pig Bread by francesca ekwuyasi. There are two black female twins painted on the cover with their heads touching and arms interacting. A warm orange pink paint was is in the background alongside tall grass-like plants.
Book cover of the novel Any Other City by Hazel Jane Plante. The cover features a 3D labyrinth made up of animal and city textures like cobblestone, snakeskin and feathers.
The cover design of A Safe Girl to Love by Casey Plett, featuring sketchy drawing of a close up of a woman with messy hair, lying down facing away, with two clips in her hair.
Book Cover of A Dream of a Woman by Casey Plett. The cover features a spirals of paint, with long hands and fingers reaching out of the spirals.
Book cover of novel Arborescent by Marc Lynch. The book is digitally illustrated featuring a series of outlined bodies all connected with an endless number of lines as the bodies continue and recede into the background. the background is bright purple.
Look, Look, Look, Look, Look Again book cover design featuring artwork in various sides circles and segments of circles on a yellow background.
Book Cover of novel, No Man's Land by John Vigna. The title is in a larger narrow vertical type, on a dark night sky background with a PNW mountain range at the very bottom of the cover.
Book cover of the short story collection The Whole Animal by Corinna Chong. There's an illustration of a bird with parts of it's heart being held up by a series of vines coming out from the middle of the body.
Book cover of Burning Sugar. Poetry by Cicely Belle Blain. The cover features a graphic artwork of a warm mountainous landscape and large sun.
Book cover for the poetry book Render by Sachiko Murakami. The cover features an acrylic of painting of messy bedding that also looks like moving water.
Book Cover of This Has Always Been a War by Lori Fox. The cover features a sad grey dog with outlines of flames drawn all over the cover.
Book cover of the novel A Cancer Patient's Wife by Maren Higbee. The cover features 4 panels of different hospital scenes stacked on top of each other. Each scene is a hallway illustrated with the wife walking back and forth with coffee.
Book cover of The Buddhist Enneagram by Susan Piver. The cover is cream featuring numbers 1 through 9 representing the enneagram numbers with black lines connecting the numbers in a myriad of directions.
Book cover of Buffalo is the New Buffalo by Chelsea Bennett. The cover features art of a bull falling between two cliffs with a woman standing on either one. There are decorations of fish and flowers in a beadlike drawing style. The art is by Christi Belcourt.
Book cover of This is my Real Name by Cid Brunet. The cover is bright pink with an inky drawing of a woman's body cropped in on her behind as she kneels with her knees outstretched. She is wearing black fishnet stockings, a black thong, and transparent pleasers (stripper heels).
Book cover of Nowadays and Lonelier by Carmella Gray-Cosgrove. There are 3 rows of matchsticks on a white background that are all burned to various degrees.
Book cover of Vancouver Vice by Aaron Chapman. In the background there's an overlay of the West End Vancouver old city street map. It's on top of an old photo from the 70's of a street corner n the West End. There are men crossing the street and a van parked.
Cover design of How to Be Found featuring a drawing of two girls walking down a street in Parkdale, Toronto. A hand is drawing the letters of the title in lipstick on top of the image. Illustration by fleck creative studio.
Book cover of Lions in the Grass by Bill Morrison. There are two business men at the top of the cover with lions paws for hands, holding the wooden sticks of puppeteer. The strings of the puppet are attached to the letters of the title as if the letters are the puppets.
Book cover of Dandelion by Jamie Chai Yun Liew. The cover is bright yellow with outline of a woman's wild long black hair flowing behind her. She is surrounded by white illustrated dandelions.
Book cover of Iron Goddess of Mercy by Larissa Lai, a long poem. The cover shows a deer with antlers that extend up and connect with tea that is dripping out of a pot from the top of the cover. There is an opium field in the background.
Book cover of Letters to my Daughters to Linda Hollyer. The cover is cream with a black line drawing of a desk and chairs with a laptop on it and a vase of flowers.
Book cover design of Pure Grit. The title is hand illustrated in white on top of a purple pink ribbon.
Book cover of Trust in Awakening by Stephen Snyder. The cover features a distant Himalayan mountain range with a reflection of the mountain below it, and a bright blue sky.
Book cover of Demystifying Awakening by Stephen Snyder. There's a moon in the middle of the cover on a light sky with clouds.
Book cover of Buddha's Heart by Stephen Snyder, featuring the outline of a buddhas eye and nose on an aqua background.
Book cover of Like a Boy but Not a Boy by andrea bennett. The text is handwritten with wavy blue lines like ripples spreading outward from the text in various shades of blue.
Book cover for middle grade book, The Street Belongs to Us by Karleen Pendleton Jiménez. The cover features work by the book's illustrator Gabriela Godoy. Two characters rejoice in the rain in a muddy trench with a rose bush behind them The sky is ink and orange.
Book cover of We Had No Rules by Corinne Manning. There's a painting of one hand passing a joint to another with brightly painted nails.
Cover design of Nedi Nezu, Good Medicine, the poetry book by Tenille K. Campbell. The cover is bright yellow with bold black text feturing Indigenous beading work on the right side of intricate and brightly coloured flowers.
Cover design of Bonnie Bodacious featuring an illustration of a burlesque dancer, surrounded by bright blue feathers. The dancer's hair is bright red.
Book cover of Redamancy, a book of poetry by Jovana Borojevic. The cover features an illustration of a woman holding a daffodil that's covering her eye. The illustration style is a contour.
Book cover for Dragonfly Tides by Alexandra Schneider. The cover shows a close up shot of the surface of the ocean with an outline of dragonfly wings overlaid on the image.
Tsqelmucwílc book cover design featuring work of artist Tania Willard. A black and white illustration of a person with their hair flowing upward. Birds fly out and around their hair in an upward motion while four pairs of scissors fly in from the left, cutting their hair. The person sheds one tear, and on the front of the their chest is a drawing of a heart on fire. The illustration is a woodcut-style print with a woodgrain texture in the background. The title and subtitles are in white on in a translucent red-orange box overlaid on the cover art. The author's and contributors' names are below in another red-orange box.
Book cover for My Divorce Journal. The cover features a photo of an open path through the woods with sunlight trickling down. Theres an outline of a pen drawn on top of the photo.
Book cover of Màgòdiz by Gabe Calderón. It features a non binary person with syllabics on their upper chest, and a ghostly shape of a hand and a human coming out of their mouth.
Book cover of The Care We Dream Of by Zena Sharman. The cover features a painting of a large moon surrounded by local BC floral.
Book cover 4th Times a Charm by Danielle Hope Wolfe. The cover shows an overhead shot of wedding stationery surrounded by some white floral.
Book cover of Holden After & Before by author Tara McGuire. The cover features a black and white image of holden tagging a wall with graffiti.
Book cover design for RedeemHer Heart. A soft focus close up of a plant and a few leaves gently sits behind the text.
Book cover design for Love After the End edited by Joshua Whitehead. The cover features a painting by Kent Monkman.
Book cover design for She blossomed, the poetry book by Rachel Luce. The cover is black with white typewriter style lettering. There is simple white line drawings of a plant with small florals coming up the left side of the cover.
Book cover design for Unlocked: The Power of You by Gezim Gashi. The cover is bright blue with large cream text. The letter O in the word you is made up of a dark night sky with cut out of a person gazing up in the sky within it.
Book cover design of Cold Case BC. The cover shows a photo of a foggy, dark, and empty road in a forest setting. The road has two bright-yellow centre lines, and bright-white lines indicate the edges of the road. Evergreen trees line each side of the road, and everything fades off into the horizon line. The photo has a dark teal cast. The title is in big, bright-yellow block letters, with the subtitle and author's name below in white.
Book cover of Stress Reduction by Stephen Snyder. The text is overlaid on top of a pale sunrise over water in a green-blue tone.


Book cover of Eat Alberta First. The cover features a dark photo of a stew in a pot with a sourdough loaf beside it.
Let's Eat cookbook cover featuring a waffle photo that wraps around the spine. The main photo is of a bright yellow bowl with a whisk and cracked eggs beside it.
digitally illustrated cover for Good Food Healthy Planet
Book cover of Crip Up The Kitchen featuring a large spoon with oil dripping off of it on a black background.
Book cover of Playlist Kitchen. There is a close up overhead photo of a ramen bowl on the cover.

Journals & Planners

The Grief Journal featuring a black linen cover with white foil deboss of an anatomical heart with floral emerging.
Journal cover design of Nature & Nurture. The cover is illustrated with rolling hills in greens and warm tones and with small trees on the hills with long cast shadows.
Journal design of Journey to My Best Self. It's beige cover with 2 flowing lines that are debossed, and a smalll debossed title.
Journal design for Seasons of Her Heart. The cover is a contour drawing of leaves.
Journal cover for Parent Like a Boss. The journal is spiral bound and the cover features a watercolour swash with a small line drawing of a flower above the small title.

Visual Books, Textbooks & Family Memoir

Book cover design of Chromatic. The cover features refracted rouch light illustrated on top of a body of water with flecks of warm light that are foiled in copper.
Book cover design for Omnibus. The cover features an ornamental frame with apricot plants painted on it. Inside the frame is the title with an old archival photo of a young girl in the middle.
Book cover design of Vancouver Exposed by Eve Lazarus. The cover shows an old photo ripped away and overlaid on top of a new photo of the same street corner in downtown Vancouver.
Book cover design for White Riot by Henry Tsang. The cover shows an old street view with a current street view in black and white with an old photograph from 1907 in colour overlaid on top of it.
Book cover design for the family legacy memoir Stories That Shaped My Life. It features a classy black and white photo of the author.
Book cover for The Creative Instigator's Handbook. The cover has a grid of photos on the left of various arts projects. On the right there i the title and there are 2 abstract figures jumping around holding craft supplies.
Book Cover Erdoğan, a graphic history, featuring a black and white drawing of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by Anwar
Cover design for Curious Sounds featuring pixelated artwork by the author
Book cover for the textbook Spastic Diplegia Bilateral Cerebral Palsy. The cover is text based with a long drop shadow shooting off the left of the text making it look as though it's moving skyward.
Book cover for the textbook, Postsecondary Education in BC. The cover is red with an image in a blue cast of school desks.
Book cover of Source My Garment. There is a map of the world drawn with an outline and a thread is sewing the continents together.

Kid’s Books & Graphic Novels

Book cover for the kids book Kai's Tea Eggs. There's a red dragon with a young girl riding on a tea egg.
Book cover of Together We Drum by Willie Poll and illustrated by Chief Lady Bird. An illustration of a girl with her arms out to either side. One hand holds a leather drumstick, and an arc of light purple flows above her head, from one hand to the other. Within the space under the arc is a pink and blue night sky with stars and a silhouetted treeline. The hide of her drum forms a glowing yellow moon. The title flows along the arc above the girl in a white handwritten font. The author's name and illustrator's name are on either side of the cover, by the girl's hands. The girl is facing the left with her eyes closed and a subtle smile. She has brown skin and two yellow clips in her long, black hair. At the top of her head, her hair converges with the black head and beak of a bird. The girl is wearing a teal sweatshirt and a small leather pouch around her neck. Below her outstretched arms is a bright-pink graphic depiction of bird's wings.
Book cover design of Amazing Grace. The cover has a cat sitting on a teacher's desk with an apple in front of a chalkboard.
Book cover of Special Topics of Being a Human. There are various figures drawn in pink on an orange background.
Book cover of Kimiko Does Cancer graphic novel. The cover is orange with big bold white type with a person in a hospital gown riding a bike with a red helmet on.
Book cover of Postcards From Congo, the graphic novel by Edmund Trueman. THe cover is drawn by Trueman in a graphic style with a scene on the top of the cover with people celebrating the independence of Congo and dancing. The bottom scene is darker and shows people sitting on the groups with combat police closing in on them.
Book cover for the kids book For Laika. The cover is drawn in all blue tones with a dog looking up at the moon. There's ornamental designs of blue floral patters across the top of the cover.
Book cover of the graphic novel The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance by Gord Hill.
Cover design of the kids book Friends of the Forest. There are various animals walking along fallen tree trunks with the 2 main characters in the forrest.
Sitting with Auntie book cover featuring two characters sitting cross legged side by side. The characters are a larger pink crystal and a smaller yellow crystal.


Book cover designs for The Wicked Conjuring YA urban fantasy series. There are 3 covers for each book in the series. Each one has a different colour tone. There is one with a pendant, one with a tooth and one with a dagger.
The book cover designs for The Collective Voices Series. One cover has a bird taking flight and the other features a mountain emerging from the fog.


A cover idea for the PWIAS annual report.
A cover idea for the PWIAS annual report.
A cover idea for the PWIAS annual report.
A cover idea for the PWIAS annual report.

Killed Covers

Look Again book cover concept
Look Again book cover concept
Look Again book cover concept
Look Again book cover concept
The Buddhist Enneagram book cover design concept
The Buddhist Enneagram book cover design concept
Holden cover design concept
Holden cover design concept
Don't Run From the Fight book cover featuring a black and white photo of the author Eric Freedom with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.
No Man's Land book cover design concept. The background is a misty forest scene in black and white that is turned 90 degrees so the horizon is vertical.
The Whole Animal book cover concept with an upside down reflection of a kid in a puddle with arms outstretched.
The Whole Animal book cover concept with a very zoomed in black adn white photo of a young girls eyebrows. The photo of the girl is turned on it's side.
The Whole Animal book cover concept featuring magenta tapered stripes like thick animal hairs in the background.
A Safe Girl to Love book cover concept featuring a flat graphic drawing in bright colours of a close up of a woman's face. She tucks her hair behind her ear as it blows in the wind.
A Safe Girl to Love cover concept with an orange background and a drawing of cat paws coming up from the bottom of the cover with a white clip in it's hands.
Swollening cover concept with two teeth and either roots overlapping in garish colours.
Swollening cover concept with a tooth bisection drawn in black and white and outlined in a few neon colours.

Design Studio Collaborations & Art Direction

UBC Medicine Pathways magazine cover design

Design by Alex Hennig (Clear Design)

The book cover of Seeds by Stephanie Khio. The cover features an intricate blue and cream wallpaper design by William Morris.

Design by Alex Hennig (Clear Design)

Cover design of Gopi Krishna featuring a headshot of Gopi

Design by Kristy Twellmann Hill (Umbrella Squared)

Book cover design for Calling Bullshit on Busy featuring a stylized drawing of Newton's Cradle.

Design by Kristy Twellmann Hill (Umbrella Squared)

The Power of Boredom cover design featuring an empty bench ready for the reader to come sit down!

Design by Kristy Twellmann Hill (Umbrella Squared)

The Mismatched Human book cover design featuring an old rock with cave paintings in the middle of the cover but the drawings are of modern tech and people.

Design by Kristy Twellmann Hill (Umbrella Squared)

The Jade & Sage Thriller Series book covers

Design by Kristy Twellman Hill (Umbrella Squared)

No Matter What book cover

Design by Kristy Twellmann Hill (Umbrella Squared)

Inked book cover

Design by Alicia Carvalho