Empower Your Worth

Victoria Lowell

“[Empower Your Worth is] a book that reads like a heart-to-heart chat over coffee with a compassionate friend who just happens to know everything you need to know about managing money. By sticking to the essentials, Lowell has written a book that is a quick, easy read and yet tells you what you need to do next and where to focus your limited time and energy, whatever your situation.” The cover design needed to be lighthearted, fun and appeal to women in their mid 30’s to 50’s to reflect the way her knowledge and story has been written. We wanted to add a feeling of freedom through the motion and playfulness of swirls circling around the woman’s wallet. The identity of the woman is a mystery since financial empowerment can belong to any woman! The interior layout is fun to bring life to financial wellbeing! The worksheet sections were designed to feel like physical worksheets set in shadowed boxes, so readers are welcomed into the section and are invited to pick up their pens to start filling out the pages!