Founding fleck creative studio

The Entrepreneurial Journey

If you’re looking to get to know more about our founder, Jazmin Welch, check out this interview on Go Solo where she talks about what lead to starting fleck creative studio and her favourite parts of entrepreneurial life! Here’s a recap of some of our favourite parts of the interview.

Headshot of Jazmin Welch By Taylor McKay Smith

Accomplishments: The 4-day work week

A business highlight for Jazmin has been implementing a 4-day work week at fleck. It’s incredibly important to show up for yourself in other areas of your life, outside of just work. When we are free to go on long walks, explore hobbies, rest, and spend time with loved ones, we improve our wellbeing. As small business owners, if we’re not well, our business can’t function and thrive. Even though increased productivity isn’t the end goal of rest, it certainly helps stay more focused during the work day, spending more time doing ‘nothing’ and less timeon a screen, actually improves our ability to come up with new ideas. Coming up with creative new ideas is an essential task for a book designer who is looking for a captivating way to express an authors’ 200+ page story in small a thumbnail image, with just milliseconds to capture a reader’s attention. To be this creative, we need rest and starting fleck creative studio is allowing Jazmin the freedom to do just that outside of the standard 9-5 structure.

The top 3 tips Jazmin would give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today

  1. You don’t have to do it alone! Free yourself from gatekeepers of industry knowledge, and find great people with shared values and an abundance mindset. Grow together and lift each other up through shared knowledge.
  2. When you see people on social media seemingly quit their jobs overnight, it likely wasn’t that simple. Take risks in, but also consider saving 6 months of rent and expenses before quitting your day job!
  3. Keep the human connection. 99% of our business is word of mouth. We nurture fun and uplifting professional relationships with the people we work with. Being kind goes a really long way, and fostering the connections you make with people online is very valuable.

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