Creative Gift Ideas

Make it by Hand

At fleck we believe in the power of the human touch.

At the core of everything that I do is the thoughtful care and dedication of craftsmanship and creating beautiful work by hand, which is why I absolutely love handmade gifts! We all know that receiving something that has been made by hand makes us fee special. It’s the fact that someone has thought of us, took the time to create something and has put love into every aspect of the gift, so as the holidays approach, why not make gifts for your loved ones yourself!

I recently celebrated my partners birthday with a handmade gift and decided to put together a couple quick questions to help you get started!

  1. What is one thing that person truly loves?
    In my partners case, that thing is pizza!

  2. Where do you fit into that love?
    I personally feel that giving someone the gift of food is very special. In so many cultures around the world, food is how we celebrate and it’s what brings people together. I always love going out for food and cooking with my partner no matter how small or large the occasion is so why not take him out for food?! But how can that go from just a birthday dinner to something a bit more creative?

  3. How can that love become a gift?
    Thinking about how you want to give a gift can help you find out exactly what it should be. I decided I wanted to give him gift certificates for the best pizza shops in Toronto, but a stack of coupons isn’t very romantic, many family run places don’t have gift cards and certificates wouldn’t allow me to get very involved in creating something so I needed to work on a way to execute my plan.

  4. How should the gift be executed?
    Everyone has a different skillset. Whether it’s crafting, dancing, writing a song or cooking, there are endless ways to show your true love straight from the bottom of your heart (and your hands). After realizing that certificated wouldn’t work the idea of a Pizza Passport came to life! It’s customized with a Prepaid Visa so that it can be used at any pizza joint in the city!

cover design

It’s time to get your hands in the game. Your family and friends will really appreciate it and I guarantee you’ll really enjoy doing it too!