Captivating covers & inviting interiors

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Photo of the book Look Again, showing the colorful interior book design

Look Again | Kevin Thomas Townley, Jr.

Omnibus book cover design

Omnibus | Elizabeth Chambers

An example of our work. Nonfiction book design, a photo of the first lines of a new chapter featuring a large drop cap and oversized line spacing to provide a calm introduction to each chapter.

Fourth Time’s a Charm | Danielle Hope Wolfe

An example of our work. This is an interior layout design of the journal, Contour showing a 2 column structure and editorial style.

Contour, The Fashion Illustration Journal | Edited by Jazmin Welch

An example of our work, featuring the interior layout of a visual heavy history book, Vancouver Exposed.

Vancouver Exposed | Eve Lazarus

An example of our cover design work for a nonfiction money management self-help book.

Empower Your Worth | Victoria Lowell

Stress Reduction for Lawyers example of our work on creating unique and interactive interior book layouts, including space for readers to take notes.

Stress Reduction | Stephen Snyder

Our work example of a cover design and worksheet that corresponds to the book of self-help and business life. The book is called Letters to my Daughters and features a drawing of a desk and chairs on the cover.

Letters to my Daughters | Linda Hollyer

True North book cover design. Showing our work with using stock photography to our design advantage. The cover features a misty mountain top peaking through the dense clouds.

True North | Edited by The Studio Press

An example of our work on poetry book design, both cover design and interior layout. This is an interior page of poetry from the book Burning Sugar.

Burning Sugar | Cicely Belle Blain

Interior layout design for Spastic Diplegia, showing our design of complex textbook designs in creating organized layouts.

Spastic Diplegia-Bilaterial Cerebral Palsy | Lily Collison

Interested in diving deep into the design process? Check out our blog post about the book design process directly from a fleck creative studio author. Learn about what the it’s like from an author’s perspective. For the most up to date record of our work, and author tips and tricks, check out our Instagram page.