Our services include:

  • Book Cover Design & Interior Layout

    • Books (Non-Fiction, Fiction & Poetry)
    • Children’s Books
    • Cookbooks
    • Art Books
    • Textbooks, Guides & Handbooks
    • Magazines & Other Periodicals
  • Graphic Design

    • Postcards
    • Bookmarks
    • Social Media Graphics for Authors
  • Digital Downloads & Worksheets

  • Publishing & Design Consultations

Interior book design for Victoria Lowell's book Empower Your Worth

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Happy clients include

Arsenal Pulp Press, Lionheart Press, Owl Circus Press, The Peter Wall Institute, The Studio Press, TouchWood Editions, UBC Press, UBC Faculty of Medicine & a long list of wonderful independent authors!

Photo peaking into a bathroom with a claw tub, with a bath drawn, a candle and a book in a tub caddie with a white towel hanging on the edge

Collaboration. Trust. Creativity.

Ready to learn more about working with a book designer?

The elements of collaboration, trust, and creativity are fundamental to creating a unique and inspiring book. With you, the author, at the centre of our personal and detail-oriented process, we will work together to tell your story in a meaningful and beautiful way that engages with your readers and community.

Your voice on the page, style and vision are unique to you. We read your manuscript (every word of it) and learn about your creative and business objectives so that we’re speaking your language. We will then embark on the collaborative process of creating a book that aligns with the core emotions and/or teachings found within your book.

Let’s design a book together that serves your story and your readers.

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The process will look something like this:


  • We start by reading your manuscript

  • We research your work and genre

  • Time to meet and brainstorm together (don’t be intimidated by this, we have questions to guide the discussion as we discover the core messages, emotions and purpose behind your work)


  • It’s design time!

  • We begin to moodboard and sketch ideas for your book cover

  • We work on complete renderings of the concepts that we feel are the best fit for your story and potential readers (it’s important to keep your reader at the forefront of this whole process as we share these concepts with you)

  • We complete the cover with your feedback before moving onto your interior layout (the interior will ‘talk to’ the design of the cover and they will work in tandem to tell your story)


  • It’s time to finalize the details and get your book ready for the world to see!

  • We can help you upload your book on Amazon or choose the right print vendor to bring your story to life.

  • Need social media graphics? Chat with us about parsing out your story into bite-sized pieces to share and build excitement among your readers.

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When your book becomes available for purchase for the very first time, we will be celebrating with you and beaming with excitement!